Registration, Tuition & Fees


School year 2016-17 starts August 8, 2016 and ends May 27, 2017

School year 2017-18 starts August 21, 2017 and ends May 26, 2018


SSPA admits students of any race, creed, color or national origin. Admission is by process of inquiry, registration, payment of first month’s tuition, placement, and attendance.
We prefer that Stegmann’s School of Performing Arts is the only dance school the student attends to in a given school year. Exceptions have to be discussed with the directors.
All students are registered for our classes through the last class in May unless our office is notified in writing to the contrary. A completed registration form, registration fee, and the first month’s tuition are due upon registration.


Trial Class

Once you are enrolled in a class you can enroll in trial classes to try other styles before committing to sign up. The trial classes are available only from September through April. To enroll in a trial/drop in class, go to registration, click here to register and follow the registration procedure. Once you have established an account and enrolled in one class you can enroll in as many trial classes as are available for one age group, trial class fee per class $10 (limited to 8 trial classes)


Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee for new students: $30 per student per year, siblings $10 each, non-refundable
Registration Fee for returning students when registering before June 1: $20  student or family per year, non-refundable. On and after June 1: $30 per student, siblings $10 each, non-refundable

The registration fee and the first month’s tuition are non-refundable and are required to secure a place in a class.
For tuition amount please contact SSPA at

After the 10th of the month the late fee is an additional $20.



Single Student

45 minute/week – $56.00/month

1 hour/week – $61.20/month

1.5 hours/week – $82.60/month

1.75 hours/week – $91.00/month

2 – 2.25 hours/week – $98.00/moth

2.25 – 3 hours/week – $138.00/month

3.25 – 4 hours/week – $172.20/month

4.25 – 5 hours/week – $199.00/month

5.25 – unlimited hours/week – $220.00/month

Families combined hours per week

1.5 hours/week – $82.60/month

1.75 hours/week – $91.00/month

2 – 2.25 hours/week – $98.00/moth

2.25 – 3 hours/week – $138.00/month

3.25 – 4 hours/week – $171.20/month

4.25 – 5 hours/week – $199.00/month

5.25 – 6 hours/week – $220.00/month

6.25 – 7 hours/week – $236.00/month

7.25 – 8 hours/week – $245.00/month

8.25 – 9 hours/week – $275.00/month

9.25 – unlimited hours/week – $306.00/month


$110 per student, $85 for each sibling and $60 for each additional class
When costumes have to be purchased after the main order is out, we have to charge an additional fee of $10 for S & H. 50% deposit due in October, balance due in November


All deposits, tuition, and fees are non-refundable.

Tuition is due on the first of each month when paying by monthly check (no cash please). A $20 late fee will be added on the 11th of the month if the tuition is not paid. With a recurring payment plan,  the due date is either the 1st or the 15th of the month (your choice). No late fee will apply.

All checks returned to the school due to insufficient funds will be charged a fee of $20.00 per check.  

We give 10% discount to active and retired service personnel (US Military, National Guard, Police & Firemen), ID required.


Payments will continue September through May unless the office receives a written cancellation 30 days prior to withdrawal from classes. (see below “cancel or switch classes”)

Tuition remains the same each month regardless of the number of student absences or class meetings that month. No discount is given during months in which the studio is closed for holidays. Student absences should be made up. Students may make up missed classes on any other day or time their class level is offered after they informed the school of their absence. In case there is no other class available, missed classes can be made up in any other class offered during the current month. The make-up class does not have to be of the same dance form as the class in which the student is enrolled. The make-up class does not have to be taken in the same week. The student is not eligible for make-up classes if the studio is not informed prior to the absence. SSPA will not make up classes up to 5 days when they were canceled due to bad weather and public schools were closed.



If the student wants to cancel or switch a class, parents have to fill out a change-class-request form, available in the office. NO cancellation or changes of classes will be accepted without the signed form. A written cancellation 30 days prior to withdrawal from classes are required. Telling us at the end of a month that you will quit obligates you to pay one more month in order to put the cancellation in effect and obligates you to give us a written note on that day.

Invoices will be send out each month during the last week of the prior month.


A $110 recital/costume fee provides the student with a recital costume and a keepsake recital T-shirt, and contributes to the payments of the theater usage, cleaning and tech crew costs. The recital/costume fee for each sibling is $85, for each additional costume $60. A 50% recital/costume fee deposit will be due with the October tuition and the balance will be due in November.

A recital will be held at the end of the dance year (May or June). All students are expected to participate. However, if a student’s account does not have a zero balance, they will not be allowed to participate. Also, when a student missed too many classes before the recital, the teachers have the right to take this student out of the recital dance.



Labor Day September 4, 2017
Fall Break October 11 – 14, 2017
Thanksgiving Break November 20 – 25, 2017
Winter Break December 21, 2017 – January 6, 2018
Spring Break March 20 – 25, 2017

March 26 – 31, 2018


On all other holidays we are open. By inclement weather (snow storm, black ice, or tornado warnings) we will closed in accordance with Williamson County Schools. Please check the Website, your email, Facebook or call our school.

For more information call 615-302-2881 or email to



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