About the Stegmann Philosophy

We, Angelika and Bruce Stegmann, have been dance educators for many years. Our vast experience and knowledge of the requirements for dance education let us develop our philosophy.

At Stegmann’s we want an approach to children’s dance education that develops attributes that can serve the child well throughout a lifetime. These include discipline, self-respect and self-confidence; improved learning skills; creativity, self-expression, imagination, and an instilled appreciation for music, dance, and other art forms.

By emphasizing strong dance technique, Stegmann’s School of Performing Arts (SSPA) is designed to take a child from the earliest years of correct dance training through adulthood. We train professional dancers and give them the opportunity to hone their skills in dance competitions, prestigious ballet competitions and with professional teachers throughout the USA at conventions and workshops.

Furthermore, Bruce Stegmann as an accomplished choreographer, trains aspiring professionals in auditions for a variety of dance venues.

Contrary to other dance teachers in the area, we are master teachers who have developed our own curriculum in long years of experience. Learning about new developments and research in our dance styles and discussing those developments with other master teachers helps us to decide what to integrate into the curriculum to keep it fresh and up to date.

Every student is welcome, the recreational as well as the aspiring triple threat performer. If you want to have a well-rounded dance, voice and acting education you chose the number one in Spring Hill, Stegmann’s School of Performing Arts!

Stegmann’s School of Performing Arts offers classes with a wide variety of dance styles from beginner to professional level, children through adults.

Our Ballet curriculum is based on the syllabus of the Russian School after Vaganova including Character Dance as taught at the Bolshoi Ballet School.

Our highest levels are pre-professional levels to prepare students for a professional life as dancers.

Our friendly competent faculty teaches in three spacious dance studios with sprung floors and wall to wall mirrors in a vibrant and creative atmosphere.

Music Students receive their individual lessons in our sound proofed music rooms.

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